Albert Einstein By: Karl Soderlund

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    • iconic, representational symbols, Large Oil Paintings
    • GP-0000990-01
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    • Wooden crate
    • Unique
    • Oil
    • Linen
    • Vertical
    • United States


Based on the Periodic Table of Elements, Einstein's portrait is made up of his mathematical equations and famous quotes within small squares.
Most people know that he is considered the father of modern physics and that the name Einstein has become synonymous with Genius. However, there are a few things that you may not have known.

At the age of six, Einstein was taught the violin. Later in life he took it with him everywhere and loved to play. While he never was to win acclaim in his lifetime, today children grow up listening to Baby Einstein music and learning videos around the world.

Einstein continued his work until he died in 1955 at Princeton Hospital at the age of 76. His ashes were scattered around the grounds of the University. However, during the autopsy Einstein's brain was stolen and not returned to Princeton University until 1997.

Of all the Iconic Obsession's completed, I believe Albert Einstein is the most recognizable of all. This is based on my nine year old son recognizing him by name immediately after seeing this portrait.

In my paintings the subjects are iconic in who they are or what they represent.  However, the real story is what is revealed within the painting.  I use representational symbols to create scenes within paintings to tell the story of the subject.  Like a puzzle, the closer you look, the more symbols you will find.