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About Cristobal Valecillos
"I started my career in the advertising field, moved on to the motion picture industry and now evolved into making stills. This is an exciting new chapter in my career as an artist, and my goal is to show people that fashion is not only about consuming and wasting; we can bring forth inspired art into the world by recycling. Rather than creating waste, I am converting it into beauty, and I am reminded that we can express ourselves in extraordinary ways by using the most basic elements." - CRISTOBAL VALECILLOS
Sorbonne, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Paris, France
Best Curatorial Award, Accessible Art Fair 2012, Milan, Italy
2018 Yare, One More Dance, The McLoughln Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2017 Yare, One More Dance, PST LA, LA, The Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Group Show, The McLoughlin Gallery
2013 American Family, The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2013 Unique Diaologue, Galerie Mondapart, Paris France
2013 Context, Miami, FL
2012 Context, Miami, FL
2012 Houston Fine Art Fair, Houston, TX
2012 Art Aspen, Aspen, CO
2012 Alta Temperatura, The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2012 Accessible Art Fair, Milan, Italy
2011 Burst Art Fair, Miami, FL
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