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I paint on wood panel using the encaustic medium; a mixture of beeswax, damar and pigment. The hot, liquid wax mixture is painted, then fused to the wood with a propane torch. Many layers are put down and fused atop the first. Sometimes I collage, sculpt, and scribe into the work. This medium suits me because it has a warm aroma, a lush, sensuous touch, and an unrivaled luster.

The land is the inspiration for my abstractions. As a child, I was fascinated with the wonders of the natural world that I experienced in my own backyard, in the forests of girl scout camp, and in the gardens of my grandparents.

I find that these wonders have laid claim on me. Gathering the findings and symbols of my past, and connecting them to the present, I am driven to make something elemental and evocative. I envision each painting as a medley, a melded place, where both the gritty and sublime combine.
Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing; Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, Illinois; 1995
WomanMade Gallery Chicago, Illinois
Quincy Art Museum Quincy, Illinois
Gullkistan Laugarvatn, Iceland