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About Jamie Bollenbach
Jamie Bollenbach is a Seattle-based artist who creates complex, enveloping abstract oil paintings sourced in the figure and occupying vast, imaginary landscape spaces that bubble with humanistic vitality.

Bollenbach sees his approach towards painting as a parallel to the senses forming human consciousness: “Think of someone you were very close to ten years ago. What do you actually recall? It’s not still image…what you experience is a more like a lava lamp of different senses: sound, scent, color, glimpses and memories of intense but uncertain emotions – fluid, eternally transforming, winking in and out of being. Even when we are in the same room, the reality of how we are to others, and they to us, is terribly fragile.”

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska in 1964, Jamie Bollenbach began painting professionally in San Francisco and Oakland. He attended Reed College, and achieved an MFA in Studio Arts in Painting from the University of Washington in 2002, where he began intricate, highly spatial abstracts based on the human figure. He founded a studio-gallery in Portland, Oregon, has taught painting, drawing, and design at the University Of Washington School Of Art, the Northwest College of Art, Highline Community College and other colleges over the last ten years. He has lectured on his work and approaches to creative practice at North Seattle College, EMC Corporation, Univ. of Alaska, Evergreen State College, Microsoft Corporation, and the University of Washington, teaches intensives with the Frye Art Museum’s Studio Program and offers a full program of private drawing and painting classes in Seattle.

Bollenbach’s paintings have hung in galleries and private collections nationally, and he has exhibited throughout the West Coast including the solo show “The Amplitude of Time” at NOMA gallery in San Francisco, the 2015 show “We Will Never Not Have Been” at Stanford University Art Spaces, the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, and SF MOMA’s artist gallery. He paints at his studio in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.
Master of Fine Arts, Painting, University of Washington School of Art, 2002
B.A. Reed College
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"We Will Never Not Have Been," solo, Stanford University Art Spaces, curated by Dewitt Cheng, 2015.

"The Amplitude of TIme," NOMA gallery, San Francisco, Curated by Cosio-Delauney, 2011

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