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About Rudolf Kohn
In my work I honor those who have come before me, those I walk with now and those who will come after me. I relate with the presence of the divine, the ultimate interconnected thread of life. An intersection of contemporary art with influences from different tendencies. I create an experience that is alive with color and interactive, bringing ancient memories to the frontal cortex. Communication in the form of antennae or concentric pieces has been a principal theme in my sculpture work.

My newest series depicts a reply to the mysteriously placed crop circles. With the understanding that these massive art forms are placed by otherworldly intelligence. I reply with earthly materials such as metal and color. A message transmits through movement much like a signal is transmitted, and a unique expression is revealed in each piece. The shapes represent those that have once been left for us. Re-coded into synchronistic order and vibrantly colored, they show the brilliant diversity we have on earth.
2008-2011 Apprenticeship, Welding and Sculpture, Omar Ali, Miami, FL
1987-1991 Apprenticeship, David Manzur, Augusto Ardila
1993-1995 Fine Art, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
2018 Rudolf Kohn art exhibition, Osorio Art Gallery & Framing, Miami FL
2009 City of Love, Miami Art Space, Miami, FL
1998 Miami Dade Cultural Resource Center, Miami, FL
Rudolf Kohn Art Exhibit, Shadow Lounge, Miami Beach, FL
1997 Bicharros y Personajes Colombia Consulate, Coral Gables, FL
Rudolf Kohn Art Exhibit, Bash, Miami Beach, FL
2018 Outlaw culture or higher ground, Bridge Red Studios, Curated by
William Cordova, Fine Artist, North Miami, FL
2017 Spectrum Miami: Blink Art Gallery, Miami, FL
Local Artist Series VII, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami, FL
Route 1804, Magic City Innovation District, Miami FL
2016 SWARM: Invasion of the Insects, Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts
Center, Solomons, MD
Wonderland, White Porch Gallery, Miami, FL
Starved, The Artisan Lounge, Miami, FL
2015 Latin American Visual Expressions, Miami Country Day School, Curated
by Babacar M’Bow, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL
Art for Equality, White Porch Gallery, Miami, FL
Art Africa, Lyric Theater, Miami, FL
Artcycle, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL
2014 La Pared Gallery, Bogota, Colombia
NestGen, Frost Art Museum, Sculpture Garden, South Miami, FL
Artcycle, Seafair, Miami, FL
Artcycle, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL
Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL
2013 Americana, Miramar Cultural Center, Miramar, FL
JF Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL
In progress “Pollinators,” City of Miramar Community Garden, Miramar, FL
2019 “Monarch Arch,” City of Miramar Community Garden, Miramar, FL
2016 “The Last Emoji,” Sculpture, Sponsored by Sprint, BB&T Bank, Miami, FL
2009 “We’re Here for the Children,” Mural, Miami Children’s Hospital,
Homestead, FL
2017 Art in the Sky, Fundación CDEI, Miami, FL
2011 Burst Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami, FL
2012 Alta Temperatura, Mcloughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Miami Private Art Collection, Miami, FL
Leibniz Institute of Arts and Science, Santa Fe New Mexico
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