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About Ruslan Khais
Ruslan Khais was born in the former Soviet Union, now is the Republic of Moldova. Currently, he is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Ruslan studied painting and commercial art at Moldavian State Art Collage by name Repin. State Pedagogical University of Kishinev, Moldova. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Osvaldo Romberg’s Studios.

Ruslan Khais produce abstract and semiabstract paintings whose surfaces are buildup with thick, near sculptural layers of paint.Oil and acrylic on canvas are preferred mediums. Abstract landscapes, portraits, and figurative works completed with range in palette and scale, but the artist always applies oil paint with throwers, palette size, and spatulas producing dense of color lashing – the artist method recalled the style and technique espoused by the German Expressionists and Nicolas de Stael.

The everchanging glory of Nature, amazing landscapes of North America, and Canada are the main inspirations for the last 20 years.Ruslan Khais is a recipient numeral awards from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PAFA alumni association, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Berks County Art Alliance, Berman Museum, and Vermont Studio Center.

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