Art buying tips from interior designers

Art buying tips from interior designers

Pop in some color

Color is a great way to bring life into a room, but the challenge is to keep the sophisticated, elegant or whatever look you are going for. At the same time, each individual experiences unique and vivid emotions when encountering color. Find the artwork that inspires and speak to you while making sure they coordinate well with the theme in the room.

Gustavo Ramos Rivera (b. 1940–) is an abstract painter whose work is recognized for its emotional and visual intensity and its highly individualized iconography. Using brilliant color and a highly personal symbology, the artist has created a unique language that is written throughout his paintings.

Give it a try and see how having inspiring artwork in your spaces can shape the mood in your home

 Embrace the white

 Whether you call it modern minimalism or just a love of classic neutrals, it’s impossible to escape how popular all-white homes and walls seem to be right now.

Livable, warm, comfortable. That's what our client's say and that is what we're aiming for. Spaces you could hang in all day.  - Artwork by Ginnava Fine Art

 You don’t need to look much further than the incredible Greek, Japanese, Moroccan, and Scandinavian interiors (among many others) of days past to know that while walls and a sense of clean minimalism have been popular and coveted long before the contemporary take on this trend that we know right now.


Risk aversion/idea overload

As design becomes a more everyday and pervasive idea, people have more control over their spaces and have a wealth of ideas from the internet. With all those ideas, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in options, and the simplest thing feels the safest and most realistic. When it comes to purchasing artwork, the ideal thing to do is to bring home a few artworks from your downtown gallery and hang them on the wall for 2-3 days and see which ones you fall in love with. While this may not be possible all the time you can start exploring using RealviewTM Experience. You never know what you might discover!



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