When you really want one to wow, choose an oversized statement artwork.

While oversized works always make your surroundings seem more opulent, featuring one bold work is more affordable than you think. Here are some artworks you can find on Ginnava.

Create a focal point

 An oversized art commands your attention. Have you got a beautiful mantle you want to show off? Bring vibrant colors into your kitchen? Or perhaps you want to separate your dining area in your open-plan living room?

 We help busy people make quick, affordable changes so they feel happier in their homes. Flat fee and hourly pricing available. Need a little expert input? We are like practical friends with good taste who know where to shop. We can come to your place, schedule a video call, or even shop with you. Not sure how to make what you have look good? We shop for and arrange the perfect accessories. Quick. Convenient. done. Old furniture, new place? New place, no furniture? Let us make the most of what you have. Includes design, purchase for 1 room. (furniture, accessories, etc. additional)

See some of the statement art here


Add visual depth to a small room


Don’t be afraid to work oversized art into small spaces – an abstract painting with depth can add a sense of space and really open up a small interior. Try a beautiful abstract by Gregory Deane to whisk you away to another world

Gregory Deane is a visual virtuoso whose every brushstroke breathes passion. Specializing in abstract and nonobjective painting he applies paint generously, using colors vividly; his lines give a sense of movement that overflows with poetic emotion.



Saturday, July 4, 2020 12:33:40 PM America/Los_Angeles
I always had difficulty choosing the right artwork. Realview seems to a great visual aid.
sam Connor
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 2:08:54 AM America/Los_Angeles
Nice Curated Portfolio. Are all the artwork available for purchase?

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