Color of Light By: ron scharfe

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  • Details:

    • incredible sense of color, placement, imagination, Abstract paintings
    • GP-0001033-01
    • 48
    • 60
    • N/A
    • Cardboard box
    • Unique
    • Acrylic
    • Canvas
    • Vertical
    • United States


Ron Scharfe's abstract modern art inspirations are in the interplay of color and form, and the beauty and movement emerging from their interplay.

I am inspired by exploring. When you explore, the unexpected happens: color upon color; form upon form....movement creating shapes, which are suddenly rearranged into some other order. Mimicking impermanence, revealing and yet disguising what lies beneath.

“I want my work to create conversation for the viewer. Each time they look at my abstract modern art paintings, they see and feel something different. I want my colors to cast shadows, determining the space on the canvas for themselves and finding their own destiny. Most of the time, I start and stop the movement that happens on the canvas…imagining what can happen. Other times, I just let happen what happens.”