Ginnava is a lifestyle brand catering specifically to the art needs of homeowners, architects and interior designers looking to augment their living spaces with harmonious and color coordinated art from around the world. Ginnava’s RealView™ experience helps you curate a portfolio for your project and visualize artwork in situ on your walls.
Most of the work will be delivered from the artist’s studio to your specified shipping address. We also carry an inventory of some art with us in California.
Ginnava partners with some of the world's most renowned and emerging artists, allowing them to showcase their unique artwork, passion and vision. We aim to provide a customer experience that is unparalleled, backed by our behind the scenes technology engine and a world-class team!
We do not operate a physical gallery, however we regularly participate in art fairs and put on temporary shows. If you would like to get information about our next event, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom.
Ginnava is committed to respecting your privacy and recognizing your need for appropriate protection and management of the contact information you share with us. Please read our complete Privacy Policy here.
Ginnava is dedicated to providing our customers with a superior level of service. Please reach out to us at 408.599.8857 or One of our associates will be happy to assist you.
At this time Ginnava does not offer any gift card programs. For trade partners who want to run a campaign, please reach out to us at 408.599.8857 or One of our associates will be happy to assist you.
Ginnava occasionally provides special pricing on some of the artworks. Please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom to receive promotions.
Ginnava extends trade benefits to art advisors, consultants, residential interior designers, home stagers, general contractors or architects working directly with a homeowner on their home design or improvement project. To learn more or to enroll please check out our Trade Program.
Ginnava represents artists from all over the world. If interested please find more information at Artist submissions.
Ginnava encourages art patrons to purchase artwork for enjoyment and aesthetic values. However, art can be a financial investment as the demand for a particular artist and/or piece of artwork grows. For more information regarding this subject, refer to the MEI/Moses Fine Art Index that explains the appreciation of art as a financial investment.
Ginnava does not offer a Registry service at this time.
Happy to help you with your needs. Contact us at:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (408) 599-8857

Shopping Information/Experience

Site Features & Navigation

You don't need to create an account to shop on the site. Users may make purchases without registering. However, registering is highly encouraged to facilitate checkout and to take advantage of other personalization features, such as accessing your order history, shipping information or wish list. Additionally, when we have special offers, our registered users will be among the first to know. Creating an account with us is simple. All we need is your email address and a password. Start by creating an account here.
To reset your Ginnava password, click the Sign In link located in the site header and then click “Forgot Your Password.” You will be prompted to enter your email address; after doing so, click “Submit.” You will receive a link to reset your password in your email.
We provide a number of ways for our collectors to discover some of the most exciting art and artists on our site! Subscribe to our Newsletter where we feature our Curator's picks for best new art uploaded that week. It also offers a glimpse into the latest curated collections and featured artists. You can also save an art you like in your collection and you will get updates in your email when the artist submits a new work.
At the top of every page, you will find a keyword search bar and search links organized by medium, style, collection, size, color, artist and new art. You can either type a category into the keyword search bar or click on the search links to find art listed in that grouping. To purchase a piece of art, simply click the "purchase" button at the right of the artwork and follow the onscreen directions.
From the search box at top, you can search for artwork(s) using an artist's name, an artwork's title, or by collection name. On the browse art page, you will be given the option to sort and filter results by price, medium, size, etc.
Save the artwork you like in your collection and you will get updates in your email when the artist submits any new work. You must be signed in to save an artwork to your collection.
For a quick keyword search of our entire selection according to art, artist, and art collection, use the search box at the top right side of our site. Use this if you know exactly which artwork, artist or collection you're looking for, or if you'd like to find works of any medium with a certain word (or words) within the artwork's title or description. You can also narrow down search by clicking on category and sub-category links.
All artwork are available for sale unless indicated as “Sold.” If you encounter a sold-out item and you wish to be notified if it becomes available or when the artist submits any new work, click on the artwork and save it to your collection.
One of our Art Advisors will be able to help you find the right artworks for your collection. Please reach out to our art advisory services at
If you are using the same computer, you will not have to sign in. However, in order to access a saved cart from a different computer, you will need to log into your Ginnava account before you add items to the cart, and then log back into your account when you return to see your saved artworks.
Art saved in your shopping cart is removed after 14 days.
Prices are subject to change — including temporary reductions as well as permanent increases. The prices of items in your cart represent the current price for which you will be charged.
Be sure to stay connected with Ginnava through our email newsletter or by following us on one of our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.
To favorite an artwork (i.e. add it to your wishlist), click the Heart icon next to "add to wishlist" underneath the image on the Artwork's page.
My Portfolio is a feature that allows you to save and organize your favorite artworks and design items in your own personalized collections. You can then share your collections with friends and family via email or social media.

To add an artwork or object to your portfolio from the item’s detail page, click the “Save to Portfolio” button, which is located next to the item’s image. Alternatively, when you are not on a detail page, you can hover over the item’s thumbnail and click the “Save” button that appears in the lower right corner. You can visit and edit your galleries by clicking the “My Gallery” link in the site header. You must be signed in to your account to add items.
You may view the entire Ginnava site in U.S. dollars or Euros. To do so, click the currency drop-down menu located in the site header and select your preferred currency. Conversions are based on exchange rates and are updated daily; as a result, prices may fluctuate. Please note that all purchases are processed in U.S. dollar.

Purchase Policies & Promotions

Ginnava is a fully transactional e-commerce platform. Unless indicated as “Sold,” all artworks on the site are for sale and available to purchase directly through the site. To make a purchase, visit the detail page for the item you wish to buy and click “Add to Cart.” You can access Your Cart at any time by clicking the Cart page link, which is located in the site header. From the Cart page, you can continue the checkout process by selecting your preferred payment method (either credit card or PayPal).
Ginnava does not offer a gift card program at this time.
You can access your cart at any time by clicking the cart page link. You can remove an item from the cart by clicking on the remove Icon .
If there's a specific work you'd like to buy but require more time to complete the purchase, please email us @ with "Artwork Reservation Request" in the subject line and include the following information:
  • -Reason for requiring the reservation
  • -Title of the artwork you'd like to reserve
  • -Artist's name
  • -Your contact telephone number
Please know that the reservation process should ONLY be used if you are already committed to purchasing the work. Out of respect for our artists, we don't allow collectors to reserve the artwork if they're still in the decision stage about purchasing.
Most of the artworks come with a signature(front or back) but please note that it is entirely at the discretion of the artist. If you have a special request regarding a specific artwork, please contact to prior to your purchase to ensure that the artist is amenable to any changes or additions to his/her artwork. We can reach out to the artist on your behalf to clarify any details. Please be aware that even if the artist declines a request to an alteration, you will always receive a Certificate of Authenticity with the artist's signature and an exact description of the artwork.
It is always helpful to review the description of the artwork you want to purchase, to determine if it arrives ready to hang. Artwork that is shipped in box or crate is ready to hang. Also if you order framing service along with your artwork it comes shipped ready to hang. If an artwork is shipped rolled in a canvas then it needs to be stretched on a frame before mounting on the wall.

Should you have any questions regarding an artwork, we are happy to help! Please contact us at Thank you so much for your interest.
Yes. Items placed in your shopping cart and not purchased immediately will remain there for 14 days. Your saved shopping cart is accessible only via the computer that created it, unless you log into your Ginnava account before adding artwork to your cart. If you add items to your cart while you are logged into your account, you can access your saved shopping cart by logging back into your account on any computer for 30 days.
For any customization needs, please contact us at

Account Management

Newsletter Subscription settings can be managed here.
If you'd like to delete your Ginnava account, please email us at with “DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the subject line.

Though we're sorry to see you go, your valuable inputs will help us to continually improve the service and experience we provide to artists and art lovers around the world. Providing a reason for your cancellation within the email is optional, but we would greatly appreciate it if you let us know why you've chosen to leave the Ginnava community.

Artwork Details

All artworks are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the artist.
The best way to care for your art is to frame your new purchase as soon as possible. Please contact Ginnava Art Advisory Service by emailing at
Fine art editions offer an affordable and accessible way to build an art collection. Editioned artworks can vary in medium and are produced at one time by the artist in a limited number. No additional artworks are ever produced beyond the determined edition number, which is why they remain valuable investment opportunities.
A Ginnava Edition is a limited edition artwork produced and/or sold exclusively by Ginnava. Our curators and production team members work closely with hand-picked artists to realize these editions. Ginnava Editions are distinguished on the site by the Ginnava Edition logo.
No. Ginnava is proud to present one-of-a-kind original art. This includes limited Editions as well.
Ginnava exhibits original art created by top emerging and established artists from across the world.
We represent some of the most talented artists from across the world. Ginnava’s panel of curators select each artist and every piece we exhibit. Our curators are art business professionals who select the highest quality work for exhibition.
Certain artworks on Ginnava are labeled as “limited edition”. Limited editions are produced in a set limited quantity. For example, if the artist is selling a limited run of 25 prints, once those 25 prints have sold, that limited edition will no longer be available to purchase. The exclusive nature of a limited edition print effectively raises its value and, therefore, its price. Open edition artworks on the other hand are not limited in quantity and can be reproduced indefinitely. Because there's no limit to the number of prints that can be made, an open edition print is priced lower than a limited edition print. Please note that Ginnava does not carry any open editions.
We offer framing for all limited edition prints and on some originals. Please check the description when buying. If you are interested in framing for your artwork, please contact us at and we'd be happy to help you find a framer.
Artwork is priced using artists' inputs and the expertise of our curators. When artists submit images of their work, they are asked to enter desired prices for each artwork. That price is then compared to our in-house curator appraisal. We take pride in our ability to fairly and accurately price the art.
Commissioning art is a fun and unique experience. No matter if you are a first-time art buyer or a seasoned collector, Ginnava is here to make the process easy and enjoyable. The following five FAQs will give you an overview of the process. If you have an idea for a special artwork, send us an email at or give us a call at (408) 599-8857 and we can discuss the next steps.
Commissioned artworks are priced based on the size, medium, and complexity of the artwork, and the artist's sales history. Commissioned artworks price typically is more than the comparable artworks in the artist's portfolio [in terms of size and medium]. This is due to the fact that the artist must spend the time to consult with you about the project, create any necessary preliminary sketches, and take time away from their normal art practice to create your commission.
Before the artist begins working on your commission, we take a 50% non-refundable deposit. This assures that the artist will be paid for his/her time and materials. Once the artwork is complete, we will send you a high-resolution image of the work. If you accept it, we will charge your the remaining 50% and ship the artwork to you. If for some reason you are not entirely satisfied when you see the image, we can work with the artist to make small changes. There are no returns once you take possession of the art.
Commissions typically take ten to twelve weeks to complete but the time will vary depending on the size, medium, complexity and the artist's schedule.
Photographs are great reference material when commissioning an artwork. If you don't have a photograph, it's not a problem. You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the artist to describe exactly what you are looking for.
Before the artist begins working on your project, you will have a special consultation with the artist and Ginnava to explain exactly what you'd like. Once the artist begins working, we will update you as the artwork progresses from initial sketch to finished masterpiece. Ginnava art advisor is always available to answer questions about your piece, the process, and we can arrange any meetings you'd like to have with the artist along the way.
We currently do not have a direct messaging mechanism yet, but happy to help. If you have any questions for the artist, send us an email at or give us a call at (408) 599-8857.
Please contact us online or call us at 408.599.8857.
Ginnava partners with 3rd party partners with excellent credentials for their framing need. If you made a purchase with us and want your art to be framed, send us an email at or give us a call at (408) 599-8857.
Love the artwork? Please contact us online or call us at 408.599.8857. Please be certain to include the name of the artist and the name of the artwork so that we may easily identify the offer in our system. Your offer will be received by a representative in our Support Team who will notify the artist on your behalf. You should expect to receive an answer or counter-offer within 72 hours. If you’ve submitted an offer on an artwork, please be advised that it will not be put on hold and still be available for sale at full price, and another collector will be able to purchase the artwork at any time. Should your offer be declined by the artist, our Curatorial Team will offer you their Art Advisory services free of charge to assist you in finding a similar artwork within your budget.

Orders, Delivery & Returns

Yes. When placing an order, we will send you an email message confirming your order. We will also send you a follow-up email as soon as the order is shipped. Please note that it is mandatory to enter your email address when placing an order.
You can track your order status online by visiting the Order Tracking page. You'll need your order number and your email or phone number to use this service. Alternatively, you can call us at 1.408.599.8857 between the hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PT (M-F) and ask us to check your order status.
Please check our return policy for further details.
We know buying unique artworks online requires trust. With Ginnava Buyer Protection, you can shop the world’s most iconic artworks and signature works with confidence! For more details, click here
Ginnava is committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction to our art collectors. All artwork purchased on is eligible for return as per Ginnava Buyers Protection guidelines. Details of our return policy can be found here.
Please read our return policy for details on eligibility and process to return merchandise.
Shipping options depend on the origin and destination. All applicable shipping options will be displayed during the checkout process.
Shipping cost is determined based on the price, dimensions, and weight of the artwork purchased, as well as by the item’s origin and the shipping destination. Shipping cost includes all packaging, handling, and insurance fees. To estimate the shipping cost on your order, add the desired item(s) to your shopping cart and enter your shipping location on your cart page.
We are unable to offer rush delivery as most of the art is shipped directly from the artist. If you have any special request, please reach out to us at 1.408.599.8857 or email us at with “RUSH DELIVERY REQUEST” in the subject line. One of our associates will be glad to work with you.
Tax is calculated based on the artwork location and your shipping address. For orders shipped within the United States, sales tax is only charged for California & New York State shipping addresses. For international shipments, duties and taxes are added to orders based on the current country rates.
No. We don’t not ship to PO box
Yes. We are happy to ship artwork to any destination in the world. Please note, artwork shipped internationally may take two to four weeks for delivery, depending on the destination country. Additionally, artwork may be subject to duties, taxes and/or fees. Please consult your local customs office for more details about duties and taxes.
Our inventory is housed all over the world, so we are unable to accommodate viewing sessions prior to purchase. Please use our RealView™ feature to visualize artwork in your desired space.
The artwork is typically shipped within 3-5 business days. If the artwork is shipped across international borders, please give an additional 10 days for it to arrive. Once your artwork is shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see exactly when your art will arrive.
Yes, all packages must be accepted and signed for upon delivery. Due to the valuable nature of artworks and design objects, Ginnava packages should not be left unattended.
We are happy to help! Please contact us at or give us a call at 1.408.599.8857 .
Insurance is automatically included in shipping fees and covers door-to-door handling.
Please see our return policy for more details.
The process for returning artwork is the same as it is for customers from United States. Please see our return policy for more details.
We would like to make it right. Ginnava Buyers Protection covers all artwork purchases in the unlikely event of damages in transit. Also see our return policy on how to initiate the returns.
Shipping and insurance are automatically applied at checkout.
Once the artwork safely reaches the artist or the Ginnava Service Center, we will process your return and the amount owed will be refunded to your original source of payment in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order (minus return cost, as applicable) within 7-10 business days of your merchandise return. See our return policy for further details.
To place an order offline, please call us at 408.599.8857 and one of our service advisors will be happy to help you.
Once items have been ordered, the confirmation page will show a summary of your transaction. You may choose to print this for your records. An email version of this summary will be sent promptly, provided that we have an accurate email address. We'll send subsequent email(s) when your artwork ships, including tracking information (if available).
All artworks listed on is available for purchase. On rare occasions, we find that the artist we work with has not informed us of the sale. If this should occur, we'll notify you immediately. Also please be noted that you will not be charged until your artwork is shipped.
Go to Account Dashboard and click on “Manage Addresses” to add or change your shipping address.
All the artworks are shipped directly from the artists studios and may arrive individually. If you want all your artwork to arrive at the same time please give us a call at 1.408.599.8857 before you place an order.
Once your artwork is shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see exactly when your art will arrive. This email contains a link allowing you to access a webpage with your order tracking details including your specific courier and your tracking number. Please copy the tracking number from this page and then enter it into the courier's webpage for the latest tracking information. 

To track for FedEx, visit

To track for DHL, visit

Your Sales Advisor will also be closely monitoring your order daily until it's delivered and will notify you of any important information regarding your order. 
All your order history can be viewed here. You can also go to Account Dashboard to view all your orders.
The order total presented during checkout will be the exact amount that you will be billed. There will never be any additional costs billed upon delivery or due as C.O.D. charges.
All available shipping options will be presented to you during the checkout process.

Credit & Payments

Online checkout system accepts credit cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover as well as PayPal. If you prefer to pay by wire transfer or check, please contact us at 1 408.599.8857 or send us an email at has sophisticated encryption and authentication tools to protect the security of your credit card information. Specifically, every page in the ordering process that requests credit card information uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is designed to render information unreadable should anyone try to intercept it. To help ensure others will not have access to your credit card information while on our Web site, we urge you to sign off your account and close your browser window when you have finished your visit, especially if you are sharing a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place.
This number printed on your card provides a safeguard when a purchase is made using your credit card. For Visa, Mastercard and Discover Network, it is the last three digits printed on the back of the card. For American Express, it is the four digits printed above the account number on the front of the card.
Yes. We provide a financing option through PayPal. At checkout, click on the yellow "Checkout with PayPal" button. You can then select the Bill Me Later option. Paypal offers 6 months of no payments and no interest financing on purchases of $99 or more. If you have any questions, please email us at
You may use only one coupon or promotional offer per order. Coupon codes may not be combined with any other promotional offer, such as gift cards purchased at a discount.
Yes. We are happy to honor discounts within seven days of your purchase date and refund you the difference. This does not apply to artwork that was purchased at a discount.
Your credit card is charged when the order ships.
At this time Ginnava does not offer any credit card.
If your credit card is being declined during purchase, please make sure that all information including billing address, expiration date and CVV code are entered correctly. You may also want to review your bank’s fraud alert policies. Your bank may flag any suspicious activity on your account which may include first-time orders or high-value purchases (regardless of the card’s available funds), especially those made online. Your bank may require you to contact them and authorize the purchase before allowing you to complete the transaction. If you still experience problems, we advise that you contact your bank or credit card provider and ask for their assistance.

If you are using PayPal, please note that they have various security measures in place to protect their users from fraudulent activity. For this reason, PayPal may occasionally prohibit a buyer from submitting payment. If you’re experiencing issues using your PayPal account, please contact PayPal directly for assistance or visit their website for troubleshooting information.

Email & Catalog Subscriptions

Technical Support

To ensure an optimal user experience on our site, please use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. In order to upload images and to view all the features on our site, you must accept cookies, enable JavaScript.
To use, you must enable JavaScript in your browser. Please follow the instructions below based on your browser type and version.

For Windows

Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
  1. Click the Tools menu. (For Internet Explorer 7.0, click on the Tools button).
  2. Click Internet Options to open the Internet Options dialog box.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click the Internet symbol (a globe).
  5. Click the Custom Level button to open the Security Settings dialog box.
  6. In the Settings list, scroll down to Scripting.
  7. Under Active Scripting, click Enable so that a dot appears next to it.
  8. (If you are unsure about the other Security Settings, please check with your Network Administrator).
  9. Click OK to close the Security Settings dialog box.
  10. Click Yes in the Warning! Message box.
  11. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.
Firefox 1.5 and higher
  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click on the Content icon.
  3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript.
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For Mac

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  1. Click Safari; then click Preferences.
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  3. Under Web Content, check Enable JavaScript.
  4. Close the window.
Firefox 1.0 and higher
  1. Click on Firefox.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Click on Web Features.
  4. Check Enable JavaScript.
  5. Click OK.

Other Questions

To receive a personal response, contact us. If you have a question that we did not address, please call at 1 408.599.8857.
Online partnerships and affiliations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us here if you are interested. Be aware that the high volume of requests received may delay our response to your inquiry.
Please contact us immediately at with an explanation of the incident(s) in question as well as any evidence, if possible, of the violation.
For questions we haven't answered or information we haven't provided, please contact us. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and thank you for shopping with us.
We are currently working on an iPhone app. Please stay tuned for an update.