Catherine Taylor
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Warm Contemporary

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When you invite someone into your home, you want them to feel comfortable. Not "take up residence on the sofa and stay a few weeks" comfortable, more like "take off your shoes and enjoy an aperitif" comfortable. There's a lot to be said for how interior design can make guests feel welcome. Check out the nicely curated artwork that makes this home very inviting
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    Inspirations from Artist Gustavo

    Gustavo Ramos Rivera (b. 1940–) is an abstract painter whose work is recognized for its emotional and visual intensity and its highly individualized iconography. Using brilliant color and a highly personal symbology, the artist has created a unique language that is written throughout his paintings.
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    Fine art curation for the living room

    While over sized works always make your surroundings seem more opulent, featuring one bold work is more affordable than you think. Here are some fine artwork curated for a living room
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    Foxworth Residence

    Interior designer Catherine Taylor worked with the owners of this beautiful home over the course of a year to build a collection of four pieces. The art ranges from soft and atmospheric to contemporary, creating a stylish and confident contrast to the house’s traditional warm architecture. Artwork by Ginnava Fine Art