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  • Foyer - Contemporary Home

    Janet Bludau Contemporary home near beach in SoCal.
  • Inspiration by John Warren Travis

    John Warren Travis Deeply thoughtful, Warren Travis both relishes and is daunted by the painting process, and philosophical about its challenges. He often works in series, investigating subjects over time, from shifting perspectives, interested in observing changes in what (and how) he sees.
  • Art for Entryway

    Sidnea D'Amico Sidnea D’Amico’s work imbues movement, line, and color. Inspired by both the energy of a bustling city environment and the more quiet moments of domesticity. In her Still Life Series, you can see these reflected in the suggestion of cityscapes and household objects. D’Amico plays and manipulates these shapes by layering them within layers of paint. She is often scratching and using transparency on the surface to quietly reveal their existence or simply to give them a recognizable presence
  • Artist Gustavo Ramos Rivera

    Catherine Taylor Gustavo Ramos Rivera is an abstract painter whose work is recognized for its emotional and visual intensity and its highly individualized iconography. Using brilliant color and a highly personal symbology, the artist has created a unique language that is written throughout his paintings.
  • Commercial sit out

    Rachel Newman -Curated on Ginnava
  • Long Island Properity

    Laura Henwick The grand-scale of the interior balances seamlessly with multiple exterior limestone terraces, flowing gardens, and a magnificent pool surrounded by the glistening waterfront and captivating, lively views of the harbor turning basin. Poised at the island’s tip and transcending all others, the space and views afforded by this distinguished residence cannot be replicated. - Artwork by Ginnava
  • Inspirations by Silvia Poloto

    Silvia Poloto Brazilian-born Silvia Poloto is an accomplished artist working in a range of visual disciplines. She is known for her lively abstract canvases and mixed-media sculptures. Recognized for her dynamic compositions and color sensibility, Poloto exploits a vibrant visual vocabulary of boldness and subtlety. Her deftly handled juxtapositions unfold in rich, textured hues and expressive gesture. The result is a body of work characterized by equal amounts of surprise, playfulness and provocation. Her aesthetic choices engage the viewer on a visceral level. Poloto has worked in a variety of media, including photography, sculpture, painting and video. Elements of each of these media find their home in her current work. While the Bay Area is her current home, her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad, including United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, Jordania, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and China among others. In the Bay Area, her work has been featur
  • Elegant Hallways

    Stacey Johnson The perfect work of art has the power to bring your space to life, but choosing the right one can be daunting. Take a mysterious approach with a masterpiece of one-of-a-kind art that combines both the structure and effortless beauty! Choose from contemporary to abstract, sizes small to large
  • Inspirations by James Keeton

    James Keeton James Keeton is a painter and educator focused on abstract form, expression, and narrative. In this series, his depictions of fishermen serve as a springboard for abstracted images. Color is emphasized, with paintings created in different dominant hues. Horizontal and vertical lines combined with delineated planes reflect an interest in early twentieth century modernism.
  • Living room by Janet

    Viveek Sharma Curated for interior designer
  • Fine art Curations for the Entryway

    Cindy Rankow -Curated on Ginnava Platform
  • Inspirations by Carolyn Crampton

    Carolyn Crampton San Francisco-based artist, Carolyn Crampton, paints still life works including her rabbits or another sentient animal with it's own thoughts gazing out at the viewer. In some cases, paintings feature a human world inhabited by animals. Some of the arrangements echo classical post-hunting scenes of dead game. The addition of contemporary items, such as cast-off toys or sporting equipment, comment on modern American life, our collections of stuff and our feelings about animals. -Artist: Carolyn Crampton